All relationships have highs and lows. As time passes by, people and circumstances change, causing spouses to either adapt to the changes or pull away from each other. Some life changes can be expected while others come as a surprise.

There seems to be an underlying cause of most marital issues: betrayal. When one spouse feels that the other has betrayed them, their hopes, dreams, happiness, it becomes difficult for couples to recover.

5 relationship red flags

No matter what stage a relationship is in, dating, engaged or married, these warning signs indicate the relationship might not end happily ever after.

  1. Opposing values. Although partners don’t always have to agree, it can be problematic when the couple doesn’t share similar values, interests or beliefs.
  2. Communication issues. One spouse may be difficult to speak with or altogether unwilling to hear their partner’s complaints, wants or needs.
  3. Infidelity. An extramarital affair can cause an array of issues, from the feeling of betrayal to jealousy to ongoing trust issues long after the affair has ended.
  4. Substance abuse/addiction. It can be incredibly draining to be in a relationship with an addict. Addicts put their addiction before everything, including relationships.
  5. Unrealistic expectations. Trouble can arise when one spouse expects the other to make changes that they are unwilling to make.

There are many other problems couples may face. Spouses may work together to overcome issues, or one problem can lead to another until the issues are too much to bear, resulting in one spouse filing for divorce.

If you find yourself on the path to divorce, it may be helpful to reach out for guidance as soon as possible. Friends, family, therapists, can give advice and help you work through the changes. Keeping a positive outlook and concentrating on a brighter future can be helpful when dealing with marital issues.